CWJC Program

The Christian Women’s Job Corps® program has several unique features:

  • Mentor teams
  • Bible study
  • Unique job shadowing
  • Childcare provided
  • Family activities
  • Professional closet


Program Overview

  • 10-week program
  • 90 hours of instruction
  • 40 hours Job shadowing
  • Computer skills
  • Job applications
  • Job interviewing
  • Reading/writing skills
  • Financial management
  • Homemaking 101
  • Parenting skills
  • Relationships
  • Self-esteem
  • Women health issues
  • Hygiene
  • Hair/makeup makeovers
  • Verbal/nonverbal communication skills

cwjcDuring the application process, participants are assessed and short term and long-term goals are established. A mentor team is assigned to the participant and a plan to reach goals is formulated. The 10-week CWJC program may be in addition to other outside resources (i.e. GED classes) that may be secured for the participant. The participant begins to experience the joy of having some control over the course that her life takes right from the start in this program.

CWJC Cycle for Participants

  • Begin and /or grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, then celebrate!
  • Complete job-readiness and life-skills program(s), then celebrate!
  • Fulfill the CWJC purpose, then celebrate!
  • Give back to the CWJC program, then celebrate!